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Finding Plus Size Holiday Outfits that Flatter the Most

20 Dec

For an overweight woman, choosing a stylish holiday party outfit can be stressful and difficult as baggy or uncomfortable clothes look frumpy and they highlight your plus size figure. Listed below are some suggestions to select festive and appropriate holiday party attire that works well on all occasions.

For holiday office parties
Devon & Jones Ladies’ Isla Camp Shirt
Dressing for a holiday office party is difficult as you have to maintain a balance between style and workplace professionalism. Avoid wearing loud or flashy patterns and colors, look for the muted holiday friendly shades like gray, cream, burgundy and emerald green. Camp shirts are ideal for business casual parties because its soft cotton and silk fabric provides comfort and softness for long. To add more elegance to your entire office outfit, incorporate black into your accessories with a black pump or a thin black leather belt.

For Casual Gatherings

Devon & Jones Ladies’ Stretch Jersey Long-Sleeve Tunic
When it comes to selecting a holiday dress for a casual event, opt for the bold colored tops that reflect your bold confident look. A Long sleeve jersey tunic style shirt is the best choice for a number of different casual occasions. The high quality cotton/ spandex jersey fabric is typically lightweight and comfortable to wear. The fabric is highly durable, flexible and fits well on all body types. Style this casual attire with your favorite style of Capri pants or leggings that embrace your over sized figure nicely.
It’s important to know the best options in putting together a special holiday outfit that makes you feel good while embracing your unique style statement. Whether you are heading to the office or casual day out and evening parties, find out the appropriate style clothing and follow these helpful tips when planning your outfit for your next holiday party.


Latest Outer Banks Clothes Collection

2 Apr

Outer Banks:-

Founded in 1983, big and tall men have been sporting Outer banks clothing as a symbol of pride. Its modern but traditionally crafted Outer Banks golf wear has a successful history of pairing quality and value for big and tall men. Moreover, Outer Banks Clothes are tested and weighed with very precise measurements to ensure consistency among production lots.

Furthermore, Outer Banks Products means superior quality at affordable prices and based upon a modern tradition of quality and value. With Outer Banks Apparel, you can count on superior quality apparel combined with some serious game.

Outer Banks manufactures wide selection of Big and tall mens formal and casual clothing which include Outer Banks Knits, Outer Banks Clothes, Outer Banks Polos and more.

Bigntallapparel.com carries a fine selection of men’s big and tall clothing for Outer banks including:-

  1. 68-Ounce Pique Knit Polo Sport Shirt
  2. Egyptian Diamond Knit Polo Sport Shirt
  3. 7-Ounce Ultimate Outer Banks Polo Sport Shirt
  4. Pique Knit Polo Sport Shirt With Pocket And Jacquard Knit Trim
  5. Egyptian Diamond Knit Polo Sport Shirt With Tipping … < OuterBanks Clothes >

Outer Banks is also known as an ideal brand because it offers a complete range of Mens apparel which is used in our daily life.

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Best Online Big and Tall Men Clothes Store

23 Jan

About BigNTallApparel.com
BigNTallApparel.Com (Big and Tall Men’s Clothing) – We are one of the popular online clothing stores for Big sizes and plus sized clothes . We are a certified and experienced retailer of King Size clothing as well as big and tall clothing. With our experience you can purchase clothes at wholesale prices. We always strive hard to provide our customers an easy and smooth online shopping experience. Our experts are available around the clock for support either online or by phone to help customers find specific products. If you are 6’2 inches tall and big, or weigh at least 225 pounds, then you are one of 13 million tall and big men in the United States. That’s nearly 1 in 5 males!

Our wide selection for big and plus sized clothes will provide you with a comfortable fit and give you great confidence. We stand by our manufacturer products to give you complete satisfaction and fashion flexibility. We understand the needs of big and tall men and that’s why we provide not only a wide range of sizes, but also great variety. Our product assortment offers reasonable prices, value and the perfect fit for every occassion.

How to Shop for Men’s Big and Tall Clothes on BignTallApparel.com and Find the Perfect Brand?

Our Top Big and Tall Clothing Brands includes: Cornerstone, District Threads, Nike Golf, Outer Banks, Port & Company, Port Authority, Red House, Tiger Woods, Tri-Mountain and many more.

You can also Shop By Category on our website. Our major categories are T–Shirts, Polo Shirts, Golf Shirts, Woven Shirts, Active Wear, Fleece, Headwear, Outerwear, Bags & Suitcase, Occupational Clothes and other accessories for Big and Tall Men.

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