How to Look Graceful On Thanksgiving Day! Calling All Big Guys

18 Nov


Thinking what to wear on this Thanksgiving Day? Stuck of mind or have no ideas? Your dressing style will probably depend on the weather, locale, planned activities and the people involved. Whether you’re heading out for an outdoor activity, dine in at home, get together or out for a restaurant, try to look sophisticated and graceful. Not to worry about, take advantage of these outfit ideas that will surely help you to represent your impressive personality.

For a Casual Event

If you’re heading outside in a more casual setting, keep your style simple and sophisticated. Dress up your button down shirt with khaki pants and throw on a v-neck sweater to complement your style. Another great idea is to wear a pullover sweater over your dress shirt and teamed with straight-legged jeans and sneakers to attain the look that’s best suits your style. If you’re not like wearing sweaters or not a big fan of sweaters, then a classic blazer will definitely do the trick.

For Dressy or Formal Occasion

Invited for a dressy crunch or semiformal party? Then dig out your favorite blazer. Throw it over your dress shirt and take advantage of accessories! Put on black or brown belt and shoes and make sure to go with the same colors. If you’ll be heading out for a formal dinner, then try to stick with dark gray colored blazer. Just be sure not go with patterned ties. Styling earth tones, like browns, gray, tans and greens are best for Thanksgiving. If you don’t want to embrace a formal look,  then you simply dress it down a bit, pair up your slacks with a sports coat and no need to wear a formal tie.

So, what are you wearing or what’s on your mind to dress for this Thanksgiving? Did you find these outfit ideas helpful? Try all of them and get ready to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day with full of fun!  And yes not to forget to get huge discounts on big and tall clothing styles which are available in extended sizes at BigNTallApparel. You can enjoy 10% off all weekend long. Save big and get the best quality clothing within no time!


Want to Wear Stripes? Guide for Big and Tall Men

31 Oct


Want to express your unique style and stuck of ideas? Don’t want to wear just solid shades and worry about wearing bold patterns, thinking they just overwhelming your big size? With such a dilemma, stripes are indeed the best solution! Although it’s easy to style up your favorite stripe patterns but you’ve to keep some rules in your mind when wearing stripes. Let’s find out some rules and embrace your style.

 Pick up Thin Vertical Patterns

Vertical stripes would definitely be your best bet ever. As a general rule, go with thin stripes. It’s  better  to choose stripes less than an inch in width. As vertical, horizontal thick stripes will give you a wider look.

Style Complementary Shades

So, what’s the next that you’ve to consider is color.  Your own personal style will say about which colors work for you. Beware of some complementary shades. Contrasting shades generally seem loud and often aesthetically painful when on top of one another.

Consider Pinstripe Pants

Pinstripes pants now become extremely popular. So versatile, can be worn from formal meetings to casual parties. When styling pinstripe pants on casual events, you might consider pairing them with a solid colored shirt and yes sports coat. This ensemble would absolutely classy and sophisticated.

Get a Pinstripe Suit

Nothing makes you look better than a classic pinstripe blazer. Wearing a solid shirt under a pinstripe suit and matching a mild patterned tie will bring all set together. Edward’s pinstripe wool blend suit coat would be a great go-to choice for your workweek.

Be Careful when Styling Stripes

Try avoid wearing a pinstripe suit with a striped shirt. Make sure you’ve to pick two stripe patterns of different weight.

By following these easy basic rules, you can surely style up stripes with confidence! Of course, all of these simple rules will make you conscious about your common mistakes that you might make when styling stripes. If you want to turns out your existing wardrobe with some classic stripe patterns, or looking for something unique stripes browse BigNTallApparel. Whatever stripe pattern you want to grab, here’s an amazing selection of stripe patterned blazers, shirts and pants are available in extended Sizes.

Want to Embrace your Petite Figure? The Best Style Tricks you Should Try to Know

27 Oct

tips Fashion for petite womenThinking you are too short, nothing ever fits right to your figure? Too many times short stature women get caught up in these negative connotations. You may find ill-fitted or baggy clothing that’s not fit around your mid section or it simply not flattering. Not to get worry ladies…The best trick is to focus on your positives, instead on your negatives. In order to maintain a perfect figure, you’ve to balance your proportions. For this, what you’ve to do simply choose tops, skirts, pants and dresses that elongate your short torso and give you a long linear illusion. If you’re not sure about what’s most appropriate for your figure, then here we offer classic figure flattering styles for you to look your best all season long!

  • It’s better to avoid wearing high waisted trousers or jeans. Thinking why? They will only overtake your body frame while not flattering at all. Wearing low-rise pants is indeed the best way to balance your short torso. If you prefer to style pants, then you’ve to pick straight, flared styles helping you to give your figure an inverted triangular style, which divert attention towards upward.
  • If you’re on the shorter side of petite (like under 5’2″), of course, you want to elongate your style. Look for v-necked or deep neck casual tops that are three-quarter, short sleeved or long sleeved. And don’t go with wide horizontal patterns, boat neck style neckline and puffy sleeves.
  • A wonderful way to look extremely classy is to choose dresses with drop waist and yes flow over your waistline. Short length dresses will definitely make your long legs look fabulous! Fitted or tight fitted clothing is always not a great pick for all body types. Especially if you’re petite, then you’ve to avoid tight-fitted dresses, as they tend to bunch up around your waist while visually appeal your disproportionally shorter look.
  • As a petite woman, you’ve to make a conscious effect while choosing your clothes. Wear something that every woman wants to dress up: like a sleek or form fitting clothing. The best trick is not to pick overly baggy or extreme curve hugging clothes that simply overpowering your look.
  • If you want to visually distract from your short stature, then take advantage of some colors and patterns. Generally the bold patterns, lighter or vibrant shades will bring attention. So, it’s advisable to pick skirts and pants in border details and lighter shades to divert attention towards your lower half.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to style accessories. When it comes to styling accessories, be selective while choosing scarves and necklace and make sure, they bring a longer body line.

Remember! Try to consider your height and proportions while investing in something new for a fabulous look. Just be confident about style as it only the major element that makes you looks classy. If you wish to shop online, then not to forget to browse at BigNTallApparel. You can definitely explore your desired size clothing, which is absolute fit to your petite figure.

How to stay on trend This Fall? Classic Picks for Big and Tall Men

21 Oct

It can be frustrating or tricky enough to decide what you should be styling as a fashion forward man that will suit your body type. For big and tall guys, staying on trend can be little bit hard as they didn’t get their desired clothing in appropriate size. Fortunately, Autumn 2014 brings a number of trendy yet classic styles to opt for. No matter you want to wear blazers or denim jeans, there is something for everyone for this season. Of course, you’re on the hunt for quality men’s clothing that will last for long and never go out of style. To keep you comfortable and be on trend, here is listed a few of the fall fashion trends for big tall men. Try to grab all of these clothing styles this season to look classy and dapper.

big and tall denim jackets

Dark Denim Jackets

Dark denim is undoubtedly a popular choice in menswear, and it’s going to be on-trend this fall. Whenever you want to pull off something quality denim, opt for denim jackets. They are super comfortable and versatile—means work well for just about all occasions. Big and tall guys can easily incorporate this trend to revive their casual weekend outfits. Or get a look that represents your high classic statement by pairing it with fleece scarves or beanies.

Performance Vests

Heading out for adventurous or sporty event? Want to wear something that look stylish without looking bulky? Then lightweight performance vests would definitely the perfect go-to choice for big and tall men. When it comes to picking a classic color, then burgundy is the most popular color choice for fall 2014. Oxblood, deeply saturated hues will also be dominant this autumn. You can simply team this vest style with anything from sweatpants and polos to distressed denim.


Big and tall men should veer towards two or three-buttoned blazer with a classic cut. You simply won’t regret with your purchase as this versatile staple is one that will be on regular rotation in your wardrobe during all season long.  In addition to oxblood or burgundy shades, another shade of the season is navy blue. You can easily blend this shade with your existing closet, so don’t hesitate to splurge on navy-colored pieces.

Plaid Shirts

It seems obvious that plaid shirts is indeed the timeless staple and will never go out of style. Just stock up this versatile shirt style to add a classic dose of sophistication in your fall ensemble. If you want to wear this trend in a more contemporary way, try to style up with neutral colored tailored fit trousers and blazers. Remember to invest in plaid shirts with small checks, as something loud pattern will only highlight your problem areas.

No matter what type of clothing or whatever look you’re going to opt for, be sure the fashion trend properly flatter your big and tall body frame. Just go ahead, spice up your fall closet and your attitude with these latest clothing trends! You can also explore the latest clothing styles in big and tall men’s right here at our store at discounted rates.

Big and Tall Fashion Secrets Revealed

15 Oct


Its seems difficult to find the perfect clothing when you have a full figure, especially even basics don’t seems to cater to your figure. It’s a desire of big and tall women to look as graceful and attractive as their slender peers… and surely they can! If you just believe that you deserve to look your best, a little effort can put together a look to be proud of! Here I’m sharing a few of fashion secrets- sure to take plus-sized clothing to the next level. Let’s take a look here:

Secret #1: Ditch the Overly Baggy Clothes

Wearing various styles of baggy clothing is a fashion style that comes and goes. Personally, I really don’t like to wear over-sized clothes. But what’s going wrong with baggy clothing? The problem with anyone wearing loose fitted clothes, they make you look sloppy and larger with your actual size. So, it’s my personal advice, shed of your large baggy clothes and try to go with the right size that fit you correctly and make you feel confident, as well.

Secret #2: Don’t go with Skin-Tight Fashions

Sometimes, you may be tempted to follow skin-tight fashion…Don’t do it! As I had an awful experience.. Another fashion secret is to shed of clothes that are too tight for your stocky frame. Tight fitted clothes show every bulge you have! They usually make your bosom stand out, but they’ll also accentuate your fleshy legs, wide hips and less-than-flat tummy.

Secret #3: Choose Color Schemes Wisely

Black color is one of my wardrobe favorites, when it comes to fashion. The reason behind choosing this solid color is: It can hide multitude of flaws and minimize the visual pounds. But what I’m thinking, there is no need to dress all in black and look like you’re in mourning all the time. Don’t be afraid to style fashions that highlight vibrant, happy colors. Being plus-sized women doesn’t mean you can go with sunshine yellows, sky blues, luscious lavenders and lime greens. Put on all of these colors in combination with dark colors to balance your full-figure.

Secret# 4: Selecting Stripes and Thin patterns

Styling vertical stripes is an age-old fashion secret. No matter if they’re wide or thin, striped jeans, tanks, jackets and sweaters really embrace your long slimmer look. Just like you can dress most any color of the rainbow, you can also style fashions that have patterns and designs on them too. But the secret is to opt for the slimming ones. Which one? You should seek out small patterns- they actually give the visual illusion of a slimmer appearance. Stay away with large and busy patterns that might look overwhelming as they make the wearer look larger.

Try to follow these plus size fashion secrets, you can definitely make your look even more slimmer without relying on a crash diet!

All about Big and Tall Golf Shirts

11 Aug


Do you consider yourself rather different from others when it comes to fashion? Do you feel that, owing to your unique body characteristics, that you don’t deserve to be left out on fashion choices? That you want to enjoy fashions as much as the regular and average person that lives next door?

Well rejoice, big and tall people of the world. The game has changed and now you only need to know where to look and what to look out for this autumn season. Many clothing brands have wised up and produced accurately fitting autumn collection of clothes for the big and tall fraternity.

Like the veritable and super popular big and tall golf shirts.

Big and Tall golf Shirts – Not just for the Sports Conscious

The evergreen polo shirt – the one that golfer wear, is an all-round apparel. It knows no bounds, no limits. It’s appropriate for a wide array of people and occasions. Adults, kids, elderly – all can wear them and don’t look a spic-or-span or out of place.

That’s the reason behind its enduring appeal. And Big and tall golf shirts are capitalizing on that aspect as well.

They come in various elegant styles and designs. They even come in subdued yet regal-looking color palettes.  Golf shirts are a perfectly acceptable wear for professional outings too, while its multi-dimensional capabilities make it seem not out of place at a casual event too.


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Big and Tall Golf Shirts – What to Look in them

The first thing to know is that they are available in both big configurations (or LT sizes) and in tall configurations (XL plus sized clothing). And yes, they are also available in a configuration that employs both these measurements.

Let’s lay it down here – the big and the tall sizes that you can choose for your Golf Shirts:


For the Tall People:

Size                        Neck                      Chest                    Waist

LT                           16 – 16.5                 42 – 44                   36 – 38

XLT                       17 – 17.5                  46 – 48                   40 – 42

2XT                        18 – 18.5                 50 – 52                    44 – 46

3XT                        19 – 19.5                 54 – 56                     48 – 50

4XT                        20 – 21                   58 – 60                     52 – 54

5XT                             22                        62 – 64                      56 – 58


For the big people:

Size Neck Chest Waist
1X 17 – 17.5 46 – 48 42 – 44
2X 18 – 18.5 50 – 52 46 – 48
3X 19 – 19.5 54 – 56 50 – 52
4X 20 – 20.5 58 – 60 54 – 56
5X 21 – 22 62 – 64 58 – 60
6X 23 – 24 66 – 68 62 – 64
7X 26 70 – 72 66 – 68
8X 28 74 – 76 70 – 72



By using this size chart, you can accurately determine what big and tall golf shirts suits you like a glove.

The Pros & Cons of Tailored 2XLT Dress Shirts

30 May

2XLT Dress Shirts

Nothing is perfect in this world and so we have to weigh between the pros and cons to either take it or leave it. 2XLT dress shirts at Bigntallapparel are the most important part of a big and tall man’s wardrobe, and as such, need more attention than any other garment.

Having a body shape that is not regular, such as a long torso, long or short neck, long sleeves or in other words, big and tall structures, has been proven to be a hurdle in finding professional clothing. This can sometimes lead to frustration when you have to bear the consequences of ill fitted or mismatched garments. However, tailored or bespoke clothing has emerged to cater to this need and has become widely famous these days. But one must look into the pros and cons to calculate the end result of going for it as well.

As tailor-made clothing is customized to fit a person’s precise body measurements and can contain features requested by the tailor’s client, one can get three main advantages out of it:

  1. Good Fitting
  2. Individualized Styling
  3. Attention to Details.

Customized clothing will become purposeless however, if it fails to fulfill the fitting requirements of the client. This is also one of the main cons of tailored clothing, as it does not allow regular patterns to be used for each garment and thus, each and every one of the 2XLT dress shirts needs to be drawn first as a pattern and then sent into production, who will also have to look at each and every aspect individually every time. This makes it much more expensive compared to Off the Rack clothing, which does not carry such complications and so becomes cheaper than Made to Measure apparel.

Individualization, where it helps you achieve the best personal styles, is not only a big advantage but it can also prove to be a disadvantage as well. A person with a short or long neck will definitely get the collar band height tailored accordingly, but what about limited second-hand usability, as it is harder to share or sell clothes that were tailor made for a particular individual. Many people tend to buy Off the Rack 2XLT dress shirts and get the sleeves or waist altered according to their needs, but it is not possible for everyone as the garments can only be altered at some specific areas and personal styling cannot be added to them.

Another big advantage is that tailored apparel can be made to adhere to certain stylistic choices individuals might have, like no pockets with a classic spread collar to give a formal look or contrast inner collar with button down style having 2 flap pockets on chest. Therefore, custom made clothing in which clothes are made from a pattern developed exclusively for the tailor’s client, characterize the customization available with tailored shirts.

Unfortunately, the expense and the delay in production process traditionally made tailored clothing a luxury item and thus, unaffordable for many but not anymore. Many companies now provide extraordinarily fast production services, and they offer MTM clothing for the price of OTR.