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How to Extend the Life of your Athletic Wear?

14 Jan

Athletic Wear

Don’t want to splurge on something new for your workout wardrobe? Of course, it’s little bit annoying to spend in a new shirt or yoga pants just after a month. The reason behind is not necessarily the poor quality sometimes you only blame yourselves for the rapid disintegration of your favorite athletic wear. And if truth be told we simply don’t have a proper knowledge to wash and care for them. Here, we’ve mentioned a few simple ways to keeping your athletic wear newer longer!

Hang Them to Dry after Work Out

Believe it or not… The most crucial thing is: Don’t let your workout clothes soak in sweat. As the wet clothes can actually allow the growth of mold and mildew that are tough to get rid in just one wash. As soon as you perform your workout, take off and hang them to dry. Try to make it your habit from now!

Use of Vinegar

After dried out, what you have to do? Simply soak your clothes in 1 part of vinegar+ 4 parts of water for about 20 minutes. Thinking what’s the benefit? This will kill off any remaining bacteria and yes prolonging the life of your athletic shirts even more.

Wash in Color Loads

It’s indeed the best trick to wash all your workout clothes in color loads. Of course, that’s the obvious one. Be sure to soak blacks with blacks, blues with blues and so on. For bold colors, try to use cold water. This will put off darker or bold colored pieces from bleeding onto white ones. Another advantage is it remains the longevity of all colors and prevent from fading.

Not to Wash Workout Towels with Clothes

Whenever soak your workout towels, be sure not to wash with your clothes. Because the fibers stick to the nylon fabric. Also, the rough texture can add needless wear and tear on your workout gear.

Dry them naturally

As many workout clothes are considered to be tech gear-made from fabrics that wick body sweat and insulate heat. So, it’s better not to toss them in the dryer. Hang and let them dry in direct sunlight. The reason behind this is sun is a natural bacteria deterrent while keep your workout clothes cleaner for a longer time.

So, you don’t need to buy a new shirt every time. Try to implement all these tips while washing your clothes. All of them will help to make your big and tall athletic wear at Bigntallapparel looking “brand new”, even after multiple washes. If you want to splurge on something quality fit for your workout closet, you can shop online at BigNTallApparel. From reversible mesh tanks to raglan jersey and ultra cool shirts, performance caps to visors, you’ve various choices that are available from the top most brands.

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