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Cuddle Comfort for Colder Days – Use Ladies Vests to Get the Job Done

27 Jan

Brace yourself for the winter season as you might run out of stylish clothing stock. If you don’t want to compromise on your style statement, do check out the great variety of ladies vest offered by BNT.

Yes, we have a large collection of branded vests including Columbia, Port Authority, and Tri-mountain. Those of you looking for a strong style statement can go for Port Authority Ladies R-Tek Fleece Vest, a polyester made vest with superior loft to give you energetic looks. This stylish jacket also has zipper closure and is available in exciting winter colors.

Tri-Mountain Womens women vests
If you’re looking for a comfortable fabric, go for tri-mountain women’s cotton/poly full zip jacket. As the name suggests it is crafted with a blend of polyester and cotton to give you the softest feel and most graceful look. In addition to great style, this piece of clothing has two side pockets and contoured panels for a tailored fit. Put your collar up or down, and there’s nothing to worry about. Remember, it looks great either way.

Here’s some more good news. Ladies vests at bigntallapparel are available in more than 10 interesting winter colors and extendable sizes for plus size fashion fans. Browse the website today and get your favorite vest at a very attractive and affordable cost.


Reviving the Closet with Big and Tall Shirts

30 Dec

Port Authority Mens Classic Oxford Dress ShirtAs an overweight guy, it’s important to choose the best style clothes that are the right fit and suits your personality. Whereas long legs, broad shoulders and the heavy mid section make it difficult to shop for the best style clothing that hides or overcomes problem areas. Selecting the right clothing with the right look and fit is now no more a daunting task with online big and tall clothing stores. They offer plenty of options to choose the versatile, better and fashionable clothing for your body. BigNTallApparel is one of the online leading stores that offers exclusive deals on big and tall clothing in order to make sure that you stay up to the latest trends.

Tri-Mountain Mens Long Sleeve Twill Dress ShirtIf you want to revive your casual closet, check out a great selection of big and tall that suits to any casual and formal occasions. Stay comfortable and flaunt your sporty style on the golf course with the great styles of high quality polo shirts! These shirts are made with mesh and polyester performance fabric that helps you to feel relaxed and better performance. Bundle up these quality shirts in extended sizes to make your entire personality more confident and stylish as well.

If you want to look graceful at workplace environment, select one of your favorite style of dress shirts that are especially designed to address big and tall men that best suits and help them to create an impeccably neat outfit.

So, find your signature style in a size that fits you well while helping you to maintain a perfect confident style. Browse and shop with ease for quality shirts at the BigNtallApparel, designed to cater to big and tall men’s  clothing needs. No hassle, no hesitation, just high quality functional clothing at highly discounted prices!

How to Wear A Dress Shirt in Three Different Styles?

16 Dec

When it comes to your favorite tri mountain dress shirt that you want to wear many times, but you doubt looking same and bore in that shirt. Then you may think of wearing it in a different style to get a unique look each time you carry it with alternate accessories. Here are few tips that will guide you wearing a dress shirt in three different styles and appear snappy with it.
Tri-Mountain Mens Stain Resistant Long Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt

During these chilly days of the year, you may like to wear your dress shirt for layering over a sweat shirt. For this combination it is important that your dress shirt should be loose fit, otherwise you won’t get a perfect fit with a sweater or sweatshirt underneath.

For this type of layering we suggest you to select plum-colored dress shirt to team up with a lighter shade sweater. Make sure your sweater/sweatshirt peep through the collar and sleeve cuffs. For more interesting look you can roll up the sleeve little up.

Second option can be a simple style that every girl would love to gear up.  Simply wear your chunky color dress shirt over a contrasting tank top. This combination will give you an alluring and feminine look. With this top your black skinny pant will work in a best way so blend it with the skinny black pant you have in your wardrobe. Additionally, wear a thin chain necklace that perfectly rests above your collar button.

Port Authority Mens Short Sleeve Twill Dress Shirt

Third and a modish way to dress up with a dress shirt can be a low-key dressy style. You get a jazzy look when you pair your light or dark shade dress shirt with leather look leggings.  Knot the belt and carry a glossy trendy clutch to finish your look. Whereas, if you want a more girlie and classy look then blend your dress shirt with a silk skirt and see through leggings.

All three ways of carrying a dress shirt with different accessories are ideal to add a chic style in your look. You just have to pick your choice style to appear eye-catching in the public.

Find Best Black Friday Deals at Big and Tall Apparel

21 Nov offers you great deals this black Friday to shop your favorite brands after Thanksgiving and before Cyber Monday. By now you must have prepared your shopping list for all amazing upcoming sale events. Without a doubt, Black Friday is the most awaited event of the year as it brings exciting deals and discounts to fill your home, wardrobe and cupboards with the stuff you crave to buy all year.

A Black Friday sale is the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on all desirable products for the whole year. Along with other valuable and routine life products, clothes form an important part of your shopping list. Clothing is an essential need for everyone that lasts throughout the year and you always want to get dresses at affordable costs so that you can buy as many outfits as you want.

In order to get yourself a unique look for all four seasons of the upcoming year, do not miss the chance to shop a number of clothing items and necessary accessories.  Keep in mind that winter has just started and it will last for a few more months, and you will also observe extreme drop in temperature. So here is the opportunity to update your whole wardrobe for the chilly days. We suggest you to buy fleece jackets, hooded uppers, sweatshirts, sweatpants, coats, fleece scarves, beanies, gloves, socks and everything you think you will need to stay warm, dry and comfortable during the cold weather.

On the other hand, there are individuals who always want to get themselves branded clothes, shoes, bags and other essentials. Although we all wish to purchase branded apparel but we refrain from doing so mainly because we just cannot afford to afford the price tag that comes along with these products but Black Friday is that once in a year opportunity where you can shop branded apparel for less specially at BigNTall.

Similarly, big and tall size men and women usually do not find suitable, affordable and fashionable clothing products for themselves. In order to meet demands of big and tall size men and women bigntallapparel offers an amazing and customer friendly sale on products from famous brands such as Hanes, Blue Generation, Fruit of the Loom, Port Authority, Tri-Mountain and many others.

How to Style Winter Clothes-Great Ideas for Big and Tall Women

18 Nov

The frosty weather comes with a cool breeze, snowfall and rain. Every woman obviously dying for the new looks  and styles trending in the fashion world. Especially for the big and tall women, transforming a clothing style and look for the upcoming season is not difficult. Fill up your winter closet with some warm versatile clothes to maintain your classy trendy style. Listed below are some great winter clothing ideas for plus size women that will help them to refresh their new look and existing closet.

• Go with an inner layer for maximum breathability and comfort. Start with a first layer, consider cotton fabric shirts as they hold moisture and will keep you cool and comfortable. While choosing winter attire, staying dry should be the foremost concern.

Port Authority Ladies 3/4-Sleeve Blouse. L6290

• Look for stylish knit sweaters and sweatshirts, layer it over the top of the first layer. Coats and hooded pullovers can also be used for a figure flattering look. Make sure not to wear bulky clothes as they greatly undermine your overall appearance.

• Throw a leather jacket or denim jacket to look hot this season. It’s a great idea to select the jacket that is made with waterproof and wind-resistant fabrics to prevent from harsh winter weather.

Port Authority Ladies Barrier Jacket. L315

• Wear knitted fleece scarves around your neck for a stylish trendy look. A Fleece knit scarf is made with 100% polyester fleece fabric which allow the maximum amount of warmth and comfort. You can also pull over your face to protect yourself against the cold breeze.

• Putting headwear like hat, cap or beanie will be a great idea to spend your time outdoors during winter season. Beanie not only provide warmth to your head, they also keep your ears covered while preventing from getting cold during winter.
District Threads Cotton Blend Scarf. DT50

By following these above cited great ideas its not difficult for the big and tall women to style their winter clothes. So, be creative about your style and wardrobe to flatter your plus size figure and best suits to your personality.

Big and Tall Men’s Winter Clothing-Stay Warm and Confident this Winter

13 Nov

If you are exceptionally big size and wear  large size clothes, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have proper-fitting, versatile and trendy clothing. With the arrival of frosty weather, it’s better to prepare for this season to update your existing closet with the right and latest men’s clothing items. BigNTall Apparrel, an online clothing store is designed to address big and tall clothing problem, with wide selections of corporate, performance and casual wear for extra large men. You can find a wide range of sizes especially large and extra large to fulfill the clothing needs of taller men.

Here are some functional winter clothing items for plus size men that will surely help them to stay warm and stylish.

Hooded Sweatshirts

Hooded sweatshirts are the most versatile clothing items to buy this season. Its high quality polyester/cotton fabric provides great breathability while making you feel cozy as well. Big and tall men can wear pullover sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts in nearly all casual and professional occasions.

Weatherproof Fleece Hockey Hood


A wide selection of the latest style jackets is available for big and tall men to achieve a clean refined look. Wind-repellent and waterproof jackets with lower slash pockets along interior pocket, rib knit waistband and cuffs are the great choice to keep you dry, relaxed and confident throughout the chilly winter.

Port Authority Signature Mens Down Jacket

A lightweight fleece vest will be the ideal choice for mild weather conditions. The best quality polyester fabric with fleece lining allows great durability and breathability as it pulls way body moisture to keep you dry and relaxed. A front zip pocket with interior rib knit collar style allows added warmth and helps you maintain your polished appearance.

Port Authority Value Fleece Vest

Add these winter attire to your closet and remain in style and comfort. Choosing men’s winter clothing from BigNTallApparel store allows you to order quality, functional and versatile clothes that will suit you on every occasion!

Big and Tall Winter Jackets-The Ultimate Choice for Cold Weather

6 Nov

Buying big and tall apparel can sometimes become a daunting task. It’s difficult for plus size men to find the appropriate clothing to wear every day. Mostly people believe that they are big size so they don’t have many clothing options. This is absolutely a wrong concept because you can find a huge range of designs and colors when it comes to big and tall men’s clothing.

Port Authority Mens Casual Microfiber Jacket

With the arrival of cold weather, it’s more difficult to choose the great collection of big and tall winter jackets to update the winter closet. BigntallApparel offers a large selection of big and tall jackets for men including denim, leather, fleece, micro fleece, safety, camouflage, performance, nylon jackets and much more… you have plenty of options to choose your favorite style jacket at reasonable prices.

With these quality fabric jackets you can beat the winter chill! They are crafted with high quality polyester/nylon fabric which offers great accessibility and longevity. The protective covering allows great protection against unpredictable weather conditions. When it’s raining outside, the water resistant abilities block out the outside elements and will help to keep you warm.

Port Authority Signature Mens Sueded Finish 1/4 Zip SweatShirt Jacket

No matter what size you have, you will find a complete collection of big and tall men jackets to keep you warm and covered. Whether you want the fleece jacketsor trendy allure of leather jackets, shop the ultimate collection for your styles in every sizes that fit your proportions perfectly. Bundle up on multiple jackets to upgrade your winter closet with versatile pieces that you can pull out for any occasion. Represents your unique style with full confidence by shopping at!