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4 Easy Tricks to Make your Favorite Clothes Looking “Brand New”?

13 Jan


Shopping for the new season is not an easy task as you might think. Everyone is searching for the new clothing styles to get a fresh start.  And if you are big size, or big and tall then it seems difficult to get the right or exact size that you’re looking for. But the good news is big and tall clothing is now available in numerous online stores and yes, the choices are growing more every season. Of course, you want to stock up something refreshing for your closet, but it’s not always possible for you to shop the new one every time. You can maximize the longevity and durability of your existing clothes with proper care and some washing tricks. If you’re noticing loose threads, color fading, shrinkage and wrinkles that won’t iron out.. Then it’s not too late! We have some super simple ways that can keep your clothes looking brand new!

Inside Out Washing

Did you ever notice the inside fabric remain in better shape than the outside? Turning your dark denim and cotton pants inside out-prevent from fading and keep them in tiptop shape! Washing with beading print or other embellishments, also maintain the fabric quality or prevent from any damage.

Prevent Fabric Pilling

It’s often difficult to restore a garment with fabric pilling to its original condition. Certain types of weaves and fibers are more prone to fabric pilling, normally part of wear and tear. Use a mesh laundry bag (pillowcase), put your clothes into the bag and tie it off…This will prevent the clothing pieces from being roughed up or retain the quality of fabric. Try this easy trick to extend the life of your delicate fabrics!

Use Gentle Detergent-Means not too much

Use of the excessive amount of detergent is one of the most common blunders that you might make while washing. Don’t go with detergent with bleach additives or strong chemicals. Try to use gentle detergents as harsh chemicals can degrade the dye or fades the quality of fabric. Always use cold water as hot water or (heat exposure) can take out the color of the fabric or loss the brightness of your clothes.

Avoid Dry Clean

Frequently dry-cleaning your shirts may deteriorate the fabric fibers while the chemicals destroy the fabric shine and give an unsightly yellow tint. Try to avoid over-drying and don’t leave your clothes in the washing machine not more than a day. This will result in shrinkage, moldy, and musty appearance.

With some little effort and considerations, you can retain the fabric quality and make it durable for long! What you thought about these easy laundry tips? Do you already apply any of them? Try to follow all of these laundry tips to keep all your favorite dress shirts,casual shirts, hoodies, jackets and anything that you’ll love to wear in top-top condition. You can also take a look at BigNTallApparel, there are numerous choices available in big and tall clothing from the top most brands.