Want to Wear Stripes? Guide for Big and Tall Men

31 Oct


Want to express your unique style and stuck of ideas? Don’t want to wear just solid shades and worry about wearing bold patterns, thinking they just overwhelming your big size? With such a dilemma, stripes are indeed the best solution! Although it’s easy to style up your favorite stripe patterns but you’ve to keep some rules in your mind when wearing stripes. Let’s find out some rules and embrace your style.

 Pick up Thin Vertical Patterns

Vertical stripes would definitely be your best bet ever. As a general rule, go with thin stripes. It’s  better  to choose stripes less than an inch in width. As vertical, horizontal thick stripes will give you a wider look.

Style Complementary Shades

So, what’s the next that you’ve to consider is color.  Your own personal style will say about which colors work for you. Beware of some complementary shades. Contrasting shades generally seem loud and often aesthetically painful when on top of one another.

Consider Pinstripe Pants

Pinstripes pants now become extremely popular. So versatile, can be worn from formal meetings to casual parties. When styling pinstripe pants on casual events, you might consider pairing them with a solid colored shirt and yes sports coat. This ensemble would absolutely classy and sophisticated.

Get a Pinstripe Suit

Nothing makes you look better than a classic pinstripe blazer. Wearing a solid shirt under a pinstripe suit and matching a mild patterned tie will bring all set together. Edward’s pinstripe wool blend suit coat would be a great go-to choice for your workweek.

Be Careful when Styling Stripes

Try avoid wearing a pinstripe suit with a striped shirt. Make sure you’ve to pick two stripe patterns of different weight.

By following these easy basic rules, you can surely style up stripes with confidence! Of course, all of these simple rules will make you conscious about your common mistakes that you might make when styling stripes. If you want to turns out your existing wardrobe with some classic stripe patterns, or looking for something unique stripes browse BigNTallApparel. Whatever stripe pattern you want to grab, here’s an amazing selection of stripe patterned blazers, shirts and pants are available in extended Sizes.


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