Want to Embrace your Petite Figure? The Best Style Tricks you Should Try to Know

27 Oct

tips Fashion for petite womenThinking you are too short, nothing ever fits right to your figure? Too many times short stature women get caught up in these negative connotations. You may find ill-fitted or baggy clothing that’s not fit around your mid section or it simply not flattering. Not to get worry ladies…The best trick is to focus on your positives, instead on your negatives. In order to maintain a perfect figure, you’ve to balance your proportions. For this, what you’ve to do simply choose tops, skirts, pants and dresses that elongate your short torso and give you a long linear illusion. If you’re not sure about what’s most appropriate for your figure, then here we offer classic figure flattering styles for you to look your best all season long!

  • It’s better to avoid wearing high waisted trousers or jeans. Thinking why? They will only overtake your body frame while not flattering at all. Wearing low-rise pants is indeed the best way to balance your short torso. If you prefer to style pants, then you’ve to pick straight, flared styles helping you to give your figure an inverted triangular style, which divert attention towards upward.
  • If you’re on the shorter side of petite (like under 5’2″), of course, you want to elongate your style. Look for v-necked or deep neck casual tops that are three-quarter, short sleeved or long sleeved. And don’t go with wide horizontal patterns, boat neck style neckline and puffy sleeves.
  • A wonderful way to look extremely classy is to choose dresses with drop waist and yes flow over your waistline. Short length dresses will definitely make your long legs look fabulous! Fitted or tight fitted clothing is always not a great pick for all body types. Especially if you’re petite, then you’ve to avoid tight-fitted dresses, as they tend to bunch up around your waist while visually appeal your disproportionally shorter look.
  • As a petite woman, you’ve to make a conscious effect while choosing your clothes. Wear something that every woman wants to dress up: like a sleek or form fitting clothing. The best trick is not to pick overly baggy or extreme curve hugging clothes that simply overpowering your look.
  • If you want to visually distract from your short stature, then take advantage of some colors and patterns. Generally the bold patterns, lighter or vibrant shades will bring attention. So, it’s advisable to pick skirts and pants in border details and lighter shades to divert attention towards your lower half.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to style accessories. When it comes to styling accessories, be selective while choosing scarves and necklace and make sure, they bring a longer body line.

Remember! Try to consider your height and proportions while investing in something new for a fabulous look. Just be confident about style as it only the major element that makes you looks classy. If you wish to shop online, then not to forget to browse at BigNTallApparel. You can definitely explore your desired size clothing, which is absolute fit to your petite figure.


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