Big and Tall Fashion Secrets Revealed

15 Oct


Its seems difficult to find the perfect clothing when you have a full figure, especially even basics don’t seems to cater to your figure. It’s a desire of big and tall women to look as graceful and attractive as their slender peers… and surely they can! If you just believe that you deserve to look your best, a little effort can put together a look to be proud of! Here I’m sharing a few of fashion secrets- sure to take plus-sized clothing to the next level. Let’s take a look here:

Secret #1: Ditch the Overly Baggy Clothes

Wearing various styles of baggy clothing is a fashion style that comes and goes. Personally, I really don’t like to wear over-sized clothes. But what’s going wrong with baggy clothing? The problem with anyone wearing loose fitted clothes, they make you look sloppy and larger with your actual size. So, it’s my personal advice, shed of your large baggy clothes and try to go with the right size that fit you correctly and make you feel confident, as well.

Secret #2: Don’t go with Skin-Tight Fashions

Sometimes, you may be tempted to follow skin-tight fashion…Don’t do it! As I had an awful experience.. Another fashion secret is to shed of clothes that are too tight for your stocky frame. Tight fitted clothes show every bulge you have! They usually make your bosom stand out, but they’ll also accentuate your fleshy legs, wide hips and less-than-flat tummy.

Secret #3: Choose Color Schemes Wisely

Black color is one of my wardrobe favorites, when it comes to fashion. The reason behind choosing this solid color is: It can hide multitude of flaws and minimize the visual pounds. But what I’m thinking, there is no need to dress all in black and look like you’re in mourning all the time. Don’t be afraid to style fashions that highlight vibrant, happy colors. Being plus-sized women doesn’t mean you can go with sunshine yellows, sky blues, luscious lavenders and lime greens. Put on all of these colors in combination with dark colors to balance your full-figure.

Secret# 4: Selecting Stripes and Thin patterns

Styling vertical stripes is an age-old fashion secret. No matter if they’re wide or thin, striped jeans, tanks, jackets and sweaters really embrace your long slimmer look. Just like you can dress most any color of the rainbow, you can also style fashions that have patterns and designs on them too. But the secret is to opt for the slimming ones. Which one? You should seek out small patterns- they actually give the visual illusion of a slimmer appearance. Stay away with large and busy patterns that might look overwhelming as they make the wearer look larger.

Try to follow these plus size fashion secrets, you can definitely make your look even more slimmer without relying on a crash diet!


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