The Pros & Cons of Tailored 2XLT Dress Shirts

30 May

2XLT Dress Shirts

Nothing is perfect in this world and so we have to weigh between the pros and cons to either take it or leave it. 2XLT dress shirts at Bigntallapparel are the most important part of a big and tall man’s wardrobe, and as such, need more attention than any other garment.

Having a body shape that is not regular, such as a long torso, long or short neck, long sleeves or in other words, big and tall structures, has been proven to be a hurdle in finding professional clothing. This can sometimes lead to frustration when you have to bear the consequences of ill fitted or mismatched garments. However, tailored or bespoke clothing has emerged to cater to this need and has become widely famous these days. But one must look into the pros and cons to calculate the end result of going for it as well.

As tailor-made clothing is customized to fit a person’s precise body measurements and can contain features requested by the tailor’s client, one can get three main advantages out of it:

  1. Good Fitting
  2. Individualized Styling
  3. Attention to Details.

Customized clothing will become purposeless however, if it fails to fulfill the fitting requirements of the client. This is also one of the main cons of tailored clothing, as it does not allow regular patterns to be used for each garment and thus, each and every one of the 2XLT dress shirts needs to be drawn first as a pattern and then sent into production, who will also have to look at each and every aspect individually every time. This makes it much more expensive compared to Off the Rack clothing, which does not carry such complications and so becomes cheaper than Made to Measure apparel.

Individualization, where it helps you achieve the best personal styles, is not only a big advantage but it can also prove to be a disadvantage as well. A person with a short or long neck will definitely get the collar band height tailored accordingly, but what about limited second-hand usability, as it is harder to share or sell clothes that were tailor made for a particular individual. Many people tend to buy Off the Rack 2XLT dress shirts and get the sleeves or waist altered according to their needs, but it is not possible for everyone as the garments can only be altered at some specific areas and personal styling cannot be added to them.

Another big advantage is that tailored apparel can be made to adhere to certain stylistic choices individuals might have, like no pockets with a classic spread collar to give a formal look or contrast inner collar with button down style having 2 flap pockets on chest. Therefore, custom made clothing in which clothes are made from a pattern developed exclusively for the tailor’s client, characterize the customization available with tailored shirts.

Unfortunately, the expense and the delay in production process traditionally made tailored clothing a luxury item and thus, unaffordable for many but not anymore. Many companies now provide extraordinarily fast production services, and they offer MTM clothing for the price of OTR.


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