Handy Tips to Embrace Tall Body Frame

5 May

big n tall

Are you skinny or heavy, tall or short? Most people have difficulty in finding the right clothing style for their body frame and size. If you are tall or thin then you always struggle in finding clothes creating the appearance of feminine curves or shapely legs. Nothing to worry about your body shape, just take a look at some clothing tricks that’ll surely help you look great and flatters the most!

Choose Right fit- Don’t Comprise

Tall and thin people usually compromise on size and go with baggy or loose fitted clothes. Look for shirts that are not too baggy and not too tight. If you wear a shirt that’s too snug, call attention to your slim torso. Never go with baggy shirts, as they will make your look sloppy or slipshod. For fabric selection, go with one that has some weight, texture and structure. Try thick fabrics to add dimensions while texture adds visual interest to your body frame.

Take advantage of Stripes: With confidence, a tall woman or man can pull off stripes. However, if you want to downplay with height and play up with another feature, avoid wearing vertical stripes, which can make you look straight waisted and thinner than you already, are. Horizontal stripes are indeed the best choice to opt for creating the illusion of width to your body frame. Dress up blouses and shirts with side darts to emphasize the waistline. Select shirts with pockets and ruffles or ties in the chest area to add bulk to your thinner silhouette.

Say no to monochromatic tones: As a tall man or woman, wearing all one color can be a little irritating. Don’t limit yourself to just one color; you can wear different color tones. Try to mix and match light or dark colors.. Pairing a dark shade top with light color pants, will shorten and balance your overall body.

Add Curves with Wide legged pants: On virtually any pair of bottoms, high waisted style flatters tall frames-highlight your small waist. It’s better to go with wide legged pants as they draws eyes outward while add curves to your figure. If you want to style short pants, slip on cropped pants, or simply shorten your full-length jeans by rolling them up just above the ankle to give the illusion of shorter legs.

So, try all of these clothing tricks to embrace your tall frame. Always feel proud in how you look and who you are. Just put your shoulders back, hold up your head up high, walk with dignity knowing you are tall, and dress well!

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