Fashion Choices for Tall Women – It’s time to embrace the best you!

16 Apr

Tall women of the world—I got some words for you. .It’s not fair really, the way clothes fit on you. Really. As a short person in a fashion world that caters to taller women, I often buy things with your ‘look’ in mind. And it never quite comes out that way. And until I actually started working in the clothing world, I really didn’t understand how HARD it is to get that ‘look’. I mean, ladies, we all come in different shapes and sizes—and very few ‘tall’ women fit the standard size for ‘tall women’. Despite the fashion world being dominated by taller women, the looks on the runway are usually really expensive or custom made. So while physically I stayed the same height—I got so much bigger when I started actually exploring the fashion industry.

That said…

The Height Question

You already know your height comes with certain advantages. Like how you never have your view messed with at the movies. Like how you don’t have to tippy-toe to reach those hard-to-reach (which aren’t for you) cabinets. Or you automatically are good at blocking shots in basketball.

But there are some serious downers for the tall women amongst us (terrible pun we know!). Identifying the problem is half the battle though, so let’s get started.

It’s a jobs for the Gods to be able to find clothes that just ‘get you.’ And by that we mean they fit you like you want them to—not all my girls say it looks nice, but I don’t know… It always helps if you’re blessed with fitting the ‘standard’ size but for those that don’t, are almost doubly screwed.

Some of us don’t appreciate being relegated to fittings that make us look sloppy, tired or just old. So it’s time we took charge of this game.

The reality of the situation isn’t so bleak though—affordable fashions for tall women exist if you know where to look!

The Answer lies in asking the Right Questions

Ask your clothes retailer if they are affiliated with BATA. BATA (Big and Tall Association for the uninitiated) crafts tall women fashions, ones that are designed to be accommodating, comforting and stylish – delivering you the complete fashion trifecta. As it happens, they may customize your favorite clothing designs for your height and build. That’s like—someone realized standardizing clothes always leaves masses out—it’s the solution to all our fashion woes—made easy. They’ll note your height and all your other sizes, rest assured-every measurement is noted with perfection in mind. Because they’re not about that pariah life..


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