How to Wear A Dress Shirt in Three Different Styles?

16 Dec

When it comes to your favorite tri mountain dress shirt that you want to wear many times, but you doubt looking same and bore in that shirt. Then you may think of wearing it in a different style to get a unique look each time you carry it with alternate accessories. Here are few tips that will guide you wearing a dress shirt in three different styles and appear snappy with it.
Tri-Mountain Mens Stain Resistant Long Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt

During these chilly days of the year, you may like to wear your dress shirt for layering over a sweat shirt. For this combination it is important that your dress shirt should be loose fit, otherwise you won’t get a perfect fit with a sweater or sweatshirt underneath.

For this type of layering we suggest you to select plum-colored dress shirt to team up with a lighter shade sweater. Make sure your sweater/sweatshirt peep through the collar and sleeve cuffs. For more interesting look you can roll up the sleeve little up.

Second option can be a simple style that every girl would love to gear up.  Simply wear your chunky color dress shirt over a contrasting tank top. This combination will give you an alluring and feminine look. With this top your black skinny pant will work in a best way so blend it with the skinny black pant you have in your wardrobe. Additionally, wear a thin chain necklace that perfectly rests above your collar button.

Port Authority Mens Short Sleeve Twill Dress Shirt

Third and a modish way to dress up with a dress shirt can be a low-key dressy style. You get a jazzy look when you pair your light or dark shade dress shirt with leather look leggings.  Knot the belt and carry a glossy trendy clutch to finish your look. Whereas, if you want a more girlie and classy look then blend your dress shirt with a silk skirt and see through leggings.

All three ways of carrying a dress shirt with different accessories are ideal to add a chic style in your look. You just have to pick your choice style to appear eye-catching in the public.


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