What to Consider When Choosing Layering Items

25 Nov

When the temperature starts to drop you know that  it’s time for layering quality outerwear and dig out your sweater, jackets, blazers, mittens and scarves for the cold season. Layering your clothes or covering yourself up is essential when the temperature drops. If you don’t select proper attire it may result in a bulky and uncomfortable outfit. You can layer your clothes to keep you warm and dry when it’s too cold outside and prevents you from getting sweat when its’ too hot indoors. If you are overweight, it’s necessary to carefully select the appropriate layering items that are a perfect fit and flatter your oversize figure as well. Consider the following helpful ideas for choosing your layering items to incorporate some style to update your wardrobe.

Before layering your clothes,  look for the right fabric that gives maximum coziness and provides great breathability as well. So, it’s really important to carefully consider what type of fabric breathe, hold off body wet and bests preserve warmth as well.

What fabric should you consider for base layering?

First start with the right base layer, as it creates the foundation of your clothing. Look for thermal underwear that is available in different fabrics such as polyester, silk and merino. Consider fabrics that allow breathability and wick body moisture because it’s indeed the best choice for inner layering.

The next mid layer should permit the best insulation and should be more loose than the base layer so that it permit insulating air to circulate. Opt for polyester, cotton, cashmere and fleece as they are few good choices, have ability to insulate and hold body moisture.

Lastly, carefully select the outer layer that protects you from the chilly winter breeze. Pick up the outerwear that allows maximum coziness, longevity, breathability, flexibility and great warmth. You can go for leather jackets, denim jackets, fleece hooded sweatshirts, nylon jackets that have the capability to resist from bad weather conditions. These outerwear choices can help you to keep you dry and remain insulated during the most strenuous activities.

This winter, you can layer different outerwear that is available in every size range, color and fabrics that perfectly suit an oversize man or woman. BigNTallApparel, offers a great selection of winter attire that provides great warmth and breathability for long. Grab big and tall jackets to update your wardrobe at great prices.


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